Postgraduate theses

Postgraduate theses in progress or completed under the auspices of the CSHIHE


  • Lisa Butterly, ‘The County Louth Mental Home, 1922-1933: establishing a local psychiatric facility in the Irish Free State’ [with Dr Dympna McLoughlin].
  • Patrick Cosgrove, ‘The Wyndham Land Act, 1903: the final solution to the Irish land question?’ [completed 2008].
  • Emer Crooke, ‘Political and Public Attitudes to the Big House in Post-Independence Ireland’. [IRCHSS funded].
  • Brian Casey, ‘A reappraisal of landlordism: the Clancarty estate in East Galway, 1885-1914.’ [IRCHSS funded].
  • Kevin McKenna, ‘Power, resistance, and  ritual: landlord-tenant relations on the Clonbrock estate 1849-1917’ [IRCHSS funded, completed 2011].
  • Desmond Konopka, ‘The Irish political career of George Frederick William Howard, 7th Earl Carlisle, 1835-1864: a study of British administration in Ireland during the nineteenth century’.
  • Ciaran Reilly, ‘Land Agents and the management of estates in King’s County during the Great Famine, 1845-53’ [IRCHSS funded, completed 2010]
  • Edward Tynan, ‘War veterans, land distribution and revolution in Ireland, 1919-23’ [IRCHSS funded].

M. Litt.

M.A. in Local History