Research supervision

Postgraduate theses supervised


• Fidelma Byrne, ‘Estate management practices on the Wentworth-Fitzwilliam estates of Yorkshire and Ireland 1815-65; a transnational comparative analysis’ [IRC funded, €63,000, Ongoing]

• Lisa Butterly, ‘The County Louth Mental Home, 1922-1933: establishing a local psychiatric facility in the Irish Free State’ [completed 2014].

• Patrick Cosgrove, ‘The Wyndham Land Act, 1903: the final solution to the Irish land question?’ [completed 2008].

• Emer Crooke, ‘Political and Public Attitudes to the Big House in Post-Independence Ireland’. [IRCHSS funded, €42,000, completed 2014].

• Brian Casey, ‘Land, politics and religion on the Clancarty estate, east Galway, 1851-1914’ [IRCHSS funded, €41,500, completed 2011].

• Eugene Dunne 'The experiences of the aristocracy in County Westmeath during the revolutionary period 1912-1923’ [Ongoing]

• David Gahan, 'The agitation around Land Annuities 1926-32' [Ongoing] • Michael Kelly, ‘The Royal Irish Constabulary and the Irish Revolution 1912-23’ [Ongoing]

• Tony McCarthy, ‘An economic perspective on the Wyndham land Act 1903 with particular emphasis on the wealth management practices of Irish landlords 1903-33.’ [Ongoing]

• Kevin McKenna, ‘Power, resistance, and ritual: landlord-tenant relations on the Clonbrock estate 1849-1917’ [IRCHSS funded, €62,500, completed 2011]

• Ciarán Reilly, ‘Land Agents and the management of estates in King’s County during the Great Famine, 1845-53’ [IRCHSS funded, €42,000, completed 2010]. Published as The Irish Land Agent 1830-1860: the case of King's County (Dublin, 2014)

• Edward Tynan, ‘War veterans, land distribution and revolution in Ireland, 1919-23’ [IRCHSS funded, €63,000, completed 2012].


M. Litt.

• Suzanne Pegley, ‘The establishment and consolidation of the Rathcairn Gaeltacht colony in Co Meath, 1932-48’ [Published in Maynooth Studies in Local History Series 2011]

• John Kenny, ‘Land, politics and society in pre-Famine Westmeath.’


M.A. in Local History

• Emma Brannigan, ‘The shooting of IRA Commandant Matt Fitzpatrick’

• Oliver Conlon, ‘Frank Burke’s Easter Rising: “from the source of the Boyne to a torrent of nationalism”.’

• Anne Corley, ‘The killing of Terence Kierans: crime and punishment in county Monaghan, 1903’

• Brian Coughlan, ‘The Kirkintilloch tragedy (1937) and its impact on Achill Island’. [Published in Maynooth Studies in Local History Series 2006]

• Mary Delaney, ‘William Steuart Trench and improvements on the Digby estate, 1857-1871’ [Published in Maynooth Studies in Local History Series 2012]

• Ruth Daly, Thomas Kilgallon (c 1854-1941): from cabin boy to butler at Lisadell House’.

• Geraldine English, ‘The Royal Irish Constabulary in Summerhill, County Meath, 1912-1920’.

• Nirvana Flanagan, ‘Landlord indebtedness in post-Famine Ulster: the case of Portglenone in the Encumbered Estates Court’.

• Thomas Flynn, ‘The Gaelic Athletic Association in County Longford, 1888-1923’

• Rob Goodbody, ‘Sir Charles Domville and the management of his Shankill estate, County Dublin, 1857-1868’ [Published in Maynooth Studies in Local History Series 2003]

• Anne Dowling Grindle, ‘The origins and development of the lace making industry in Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, 1816-1907’.

• Donal Hall, ‘World War I and its impact on nationalist politics in County Louth, 1912-1920’ [Published in Maynooth Local History Series 2005]

• Edward Kennedy, ‘The land movement in Tullaroan, County Kilkenny, 1879-91: “sustaining the honour of the parish”’ [Published in Maynooth Studies in Local History Series 2004]

• Paula Lalor, ‘Queen Victoria’s visits to Ireland 1849-61: views from the Irish country house’

• Micheál McDermott, ‘The Shirley estate in south Monaghan and the development of Gypsum mining, 1800-1936’. [Published in Maynooth Studies in Local History Series 2009]

• Joseph Mooney, ‘Changing fortunes on the Headfort estate, 1877-91’ [Published in Maynooth Local History Series, 2012]

• Hazel Mulligan, ‘Augustus Frederick FitzGerald, 3rd Duke of Leinster and his Kildare estates, 1812-52’.

• Helen O’Brien, ‘The Famine in Toomevara, County Tipperary’ [Published in Maynooth Local History Series 2010]

• Elaine O’Carroll, ‘The working of the Board of Guardians of Thomastown Poor Law Union, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, 1876-1885’.

• Sarah O’Connell, ‘Agrarian outrages in Co Meath, 1917-1923’

• Ailbhe Rogers, ‘Cumann na mBan in Co Louth 1914-22’

• Ann O’Riordan, ‘East Galway agrarian agitation and the burning of Ballydugan house, 1922’ [published in Maynooth Local History Series, 2015]

• Brid Marie Solan, ‘Land, life and liquor on the island of Arranmore, Co. Donegal, 1815-25'. • Caoimhe Smith, ‘The 1947 All-Ireland final: the Cavan perspective’

• Glascott Symes, 'Sir John Keane (1873-1956) and the rebuilding of Cappoquin House 1923-1930' [published in Maynooth Local Hsitory Series, 2015]

• Peter Whearity, ‘The Irish Volunteers in north Co Dublin, 1913-17’ (published as Easter 1916 in North County Dublin in Maynooth Local History Series, 2013).



• William J. Boggs, ‘Belvedere House and its owners, 1747-2008’.

• Teresa Byrne, ‘The burning of Kilboy House in Nenagh, County Tipperary, 2 August 1922’.

• Leigh Ann Coffey, ‘The planters of Luggacurran: the experience of a Protestant community in Queen’s County, 1879-1927’ [Published in Maynooth Studies in Local History Series 2006]

• Richard Coplen, ‘The burning of Moydrum Castle, 3 July 1921’.

• Ann Marie Meehan, ‘The cultural and political transformation of Sir Shane Leslie, 1885-1914’.


Post-doctoral Fellows mentored

• Dr Patrick Cosgrove, ‘The Morpeth Roll: Ireland identified in 1841’ (CSHIHE funded, €66,000)

• Dr Karol Mullaney-Dignam, ‘Music in the Irish country house’ (IRCHSS funded, 2010-12, €66,700)

                         o ‘The historical context for musical activity in historic properties managed by the OPW’ (CSHIHE per OPW funded, 2009-10, €25,000)

                         o ‘Music in the Irish Country House: pilot study, Birr Castle, Birr, Co Offaly’ (CSHIHE funded, 2008, €4,000).

• Dr Richard McMahon, ‘Violence, law and migration: the Irish experience in North America, 1851-1900’ (IRCHSS funded, 2009-11, €70,322)

• Dr Danielle O’Donovan, ‘Dynastic and architectural continuity in Ireland, 1480-1850’ (CSHIHE funded, Jan.-July, 2008, €25,000)

• Dr Maeve O’Riordan, ‘ “Delicate Flowers Made of Iron”: Women of the Irish Landed Class, 1860-1914’ (IRC funded, 2014-15, €44,347)

• Dr Ciarán Reilly, ‘The Great Famine on the Strokestown estate’ (CSHIHE funded €66,000)

• Dr Patrick Walsh, ‘Biography and the meaning of an Irish country house: William Conolly and Castletown (CSHIHE funded, Jan.-July, 2008, €25,000)