The Irish Country House & the Great War Database

Coming soon......The Irish Country House & the Great War Database

It has been estimated that during the course of the Great War 1914-18 over 80% of all eligible males from Irish country houses enlisted for war service and that approximately 23% were killed in action. In 2016 the CSHIHE will launch its ‘Irish country house and the Great War database’ that will provide biographical details on the men and women of the Irish country house who served and died. There will be information relating to family background, house location, educational background, previous military service, civilian careers etc.

To date the database contains information on over 4,000 people. The launch of this database will coincide with the Fourteenth Annual Historic Houses of Ireland Conference on 9-10 May on the theme of ‘The Country House and Landed Estate in Time of Revolution.’ It will also coincide with the launch of the CSHIHE – Maynooth Library Exhibition, ‘The Irish Country House and 1916’ to be curated by Dr Ciaran Reilly.

For updates on the database please see  and also the CSHIHE Twitter page