CSHIHE & 1916 Commemoration Events

2016 will be a busy year for the CSHIHE and below is a list of some of the forthcoming publications/events which the CSHIHE will partake in:

Books/edited volumes

Terence Dooley, Monaghan: the Irish revolution 1912-23 [series editors Prof Mary Ann Lyons and Dr Daithi O Corráin.] By 1912, a revolution had already taken place in Monaghan, a bloodless revolution that had resulted in the overthrow of one ruling elite to be replaced by another. What began in 1912 with the signing of the Ulster Solemn League and Covenant, followed the next year by the founding of the Ulster Volunteer Force, might be considered from the Protestant perspective as an attempted counter-revolution. It was at the very least a determined effort to remain part of the British Empire, which for most Monaghan Protestants was their spiritual and ancestral home. At the same time, constitutional nationalists were not prepared to give up the gains they had made. Separatist nationalists wanted more and so for them the 1916 Rising represented the beginning of unfinished business. Thus, between 1912 and 1923, Monaghan politics and society were transformed for a second time.

Terence Dooley and Christopher Ridgway (eds.), The country house and the Great War: Irish and British experiences ( Dublin, 2016) This is an illustrated collection of c.20 short articles on aspects of the experience of Irish and British country house families during the Great War. They are at once informative, thought-provoking, poignant, and even sometimes humorous.

Dr Ciaran Reilly (ed.), Offaly Heritage, 9 (Journal of the Offaly Historical Society) Special 1916 Commemorative Issue [Nov 2016]


Summer 2016 ‘The Irish Country House and the Great War Database’ It has been estimated that during the course of the Great War 1914-18 over 80 per cent of all eligible males from Irish country house families enlisted and that approximately 23 per cent were killed in action. In the summer of 2016, to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, the CSHIHE will launch its ‘Irish country house and the Great War database’. It will provide biographical details on the men and women of the Irish country house who served in the Great War. To date the database contains information on over 4,000 people.


March 2016: ‘From a whisper to a roar: County Monaghan in 1916’, Monaghan County Museum This exhibition was designed in collaboration with Prof Terence Dooley who has also written the exhibition text and accompanying booklet. It examines the impact of rebellion and war on the nationalist and unionist populations of county Monaghan during the course of 1916, revealing the many complexities of Irish life, society and politics at the time.

‘1916 and the Irish Country House: rebellion and war’ (curated by Dr Ciarán Reilly and supported by Worldwide Ireland Funds and Maynooth University Library) The official launch of this CSHIHE exhibition will take place on 9 May 2016 in the Maynooth University Library. It provides a unique insight to the lives of Irish Big House families and how they were affected by war in Europe and rebellion at home in 1916.


9-10 May, 2016  CSHIHE 14th Annual Conference: ‘The country house and landed estate in time of revolution’ (convenors, Prof Terence Dooley & Prof Chris Ridgway) This international, inter-disciplinary conference, supported by the Worldwide Ireland Funds, looks at the impact of revolution on country houses and landed estates throughout Europe. For further details, please contact cshihe@nuim.ie.

Outreach lectures organised by or including the Centre for the Study of Historic Irish Houses and Estates

15 February 2016: Dr Tom Nelson , ‘Through peace and war: Kildare in the years of revolution’, CSHIHE/ Carton House 1916 Commemorative Lecture

19 February 2016: Edenderry Historical Society Seminar: ‘Exploring 1916: a midlands perspective’ (Seminar convenor, Dr Ciaran Reilly, MU.)

10 March 2016: Prof Terence Dooley, ‘At tAthair Lorcan O Ciárain agus Eiri Amach na Cásca, 1916’, Seachtain na Gaeilge, Monaghan Town.

28 March 2016: Dr Ciarán Reilly, ‘ “It started with a bang”: 1916 and Edenderry’, lecture in RTÉ Reflecting the Rising Programme of Events, Dublin City Centre.

28 March 2016: Prof Terence Dooley, ‘County Monaghan in 1916’, lecture in RTÉ Reflecting the Rising Programme of Events, St Anne’s Church, Dawson St., Dublin.

28 March 2016: Prof Terence Dooley, ‘The Irish country house in war and rebellion, 1916-21’, lecture in RTÉ Reflecting the Rising Programme of Events, Freemasons’ Hall, Molesworth Street, Dublin.

4 April 2016: Dr Ciarán Reilly, ‘1916 and the Irish Country House: A Kildare perspective’, CSHIHE/ Carton Lecture Series, Carton House, Maynooth.

20 April 2016: Dr Ciarán Reilly, ‘ “Like shooting snipe at Ballindoolin”: William Upton Tyrrell and the Great War’, Clane Historical Society Annual Lecture, Clane.

12 May 2016: ‘Politicians, priests and rebels: the men and women of 1916 in County Monaghan’, Monaghan County Museum

11 June 2016: Prof Terence Dooley, ‘Irish rebels at Frongoch’, Balla, Wales, lecture to mark the unveiling of memorial to the Irish prisoners interned at Frongoch after the Easter Rising.

26 July 2016: Dr Ciarán Reilly, ‘1916 and the Irish Country House: rebellion and war’, OPW/Castletown House 1916 Lecture Series, Castletown House.

[tbc] November 2016, Prof Terence Dooley, ‘County Monaghan and the Battle of the Somme’, Monaghan County Museum.